2023-07-18 17:10

Easy Time Tracking Software

Keeping track of your time is essential for productivity and efficient time management. With the help of time tracking software, you can accurately track your working times and gain valuable insights into how you spend your time.

In this blog post, we’ll list some of the most popular, user-friendly and especially easy-to-use time tracking software options available. One of these options is Timetude, a fairly new, but very simple, modern and easy time tracking tool.

We’ll have a closer look at the following time tracking software options and compare them to each other.

  • Timely
  • Timeneye
  • Timetude


Timely is a feature-rich time tracking software powered by artifical intelligence. The application can automatically identify and track the time you spent in different web browsers or desktop apps automatically. This is a zero-effort solution as long as you don’t need any detailed activity reports.

Timetude Overview

Alternatives, such as Timeneye or Timetude require more manual work and can therefore provide a more detailed and easy time tracking experience per project and task.

They also offer a large ecosystems with a lot of possible integration as well as other features such as project and budget planning or team tracking capabilities.


Timeneye is a rather simple, but easy-to-use time tracking tool. They provide you with a calendar view on which you can manually create timers that will record your time for a specific task, project and client.

Timetude Overview

In addition, they offer team management capabilities to monitor the teams’s performance as well as cost and profitability reports. Furthermore, they also have a large ecosystem to support various integrations.


Timetude is a simple, modern and very easy-to-use time tracking tool. We’ll provide you with a responsive calendar view on which you can manually create timers that will track your time for a specific task and project.

In addition, Timetude provides analytics and report capabilities to gain detailed insights about your working times. Furthermore, we provide you with a flexible data export to integrate your work hours into your existing workflows.

In comparison to other solution, Timetude is a very simle and easy-to-use time tracking software, but provides all the necessary functionalities for a productive time management.

It suits best for employees or freenlancers that simply want to track their own time.

Timetude Overview

What’s Next?

In the next blog posts, we will do a more detailed comparison between Timetude and other popular and easy-to-use time tracking tools out there.

How can I try out Timetude?

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