Time Tracking

Accurate Timer

What are Timers?

The accurate timers are the core of Timetude.

Timetude an easy-to-use, but flexible time tracking tool designed to accurately track your time. Easily record your time spent on various projects and tasks, allowing for accurate time tracking and detailed analytics.



  • Accurate timers
  • Start, pause and stop timers
  • Assign time entries to projects
  • Add a description and / or comment
  • Categorize by using tags
  • Drag & Drop between days

Create a new time entry

Timetude's user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, which enables you to easily create new time entries.

  • Create Time Entry: Hover over the column in which you would like to add a timer and click on the " + " button. This opens a form on which you can add more details such as a project, description, comment or tags.
  • Enter Project: Assign your time entry to a project to organize and group your tracked time. Leverage this functionality for more detailed analytics.
  • Description & Comment: Enter an optional description and comment on what you are spending your time.
  • Tags: Choose one or more tags from your list of tags. Tags can be used to further categorize your time entries. Please note: You need to define your tags first in the settings.
  • Click "Create": Press the "Save" button.

Now, you can start your activity. The timer will automatically keep track of your time.

  • Stop the Timer: Once you completed your work, go back to the Dashboard and stop the timer.

Good to know: Your timers will keep running and tracking your time, even if you close Timetude.

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