Time Tracking

Calendar View

What's the Calendar View?

The calendar view is an essential feature of Timetude's time tracking software. It provides you with a modern, easy-to-use and responsive view to visualize and manage your work hours.

Calendar View


How does it work?

  • Open the Calendar View: In the time tracking tool, the calendar view is called "Dashboard". Therefore, open Timetude and navigate to the "Dashboard".
  • Change Calendar Week: Use the " < Back " and " Forward > " buttons in the action panel to change the calendar week. If you are on a small device and only one day is visible, you'll switch by only one day.
  • Hover over the columns: If you hover over your dashboard, you'll see a " + " button which you can use to create new time entries.

Experience the responsive UI/UX

The calendar view is responsive by design and will automatically resize if the window or screen size changes. This enables you to use Timtetude not only on your desktop, but also on smaller devices.

It's optimized for all kind of devices.

Get Started

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