Data Change

Timetude's time tracking software is very flexible in terms of data change. Easily change your time entries at any time, independ from the timer status. Change the project, description, comment or duration.


  • Flexible Data Change
  • Edit every time entry
  • Change project, description, comment or duration
  • Change at every timer status

How to change an existing time entry?

Timetude's user interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use. This enables you to easily update existing time entries.

  • Choose Time Entry: Open the dashboard of Timetude and choose a time entry you want to update. Click on the time entry card to open the "Edit" form.
  • Data Change: Change the project, description, comment or duration of the time entry.
  • Confirm Changes: Press "Update" to finally save your changes.

Good to know: You can update the duration of running timers.

Get Started

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